Dennis Lauer Photography

Pricing and Services

My basic rate is 75.00 / hour and includes the following

Wedding Services

Provided all day from $950.00
Engagement and / or rehearsal services for $200.00 more
Receive up to 30% off with signed model releases, and a 50% deposit

Architectural Photography

My experience ranges from a salt mine in Kansas, to an ag college in western NE. with a fully functional operating room.
Regardless of where or what I am shooting, I always employ the same quality and precision on every job.

I also offer full 360 degree panoramas for both display, and virtual tours.

Sports Photography

My personnal favorite, I work with several companies through out the midwest, photographing everything from the "Omaha Marathon" to "Warrior Dash's" on Copper Mountain, CO.
To guarantee success, I always carry two cameras with high speed lenses, and strobes.

Amy Mandy Karina

Holy Family Shrine
Operating Room Lyons KS Saltmine

X treme obstacle run color run