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My passion for photography began with the purchase of my first "camera-phone" in 2006. After exhausting the internet of free (and not so free) tutorials, I decided to study at Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, NE. where I received an AAS in commercial photography.

I currently work in Omaha, NE. as a free-lance photographer. Since 2013 I have attempted to make my work & art available for everybody. My work involves everything from weddings, to architectural, a lot of sports (I have shot the Omaha Marathon three years in a row), to even one of my most recent contracts with Geobeats shooting menu items for Grub-Hub Delivery Services. My most recent contract is with American Wedding Group, so far they pay on time and are easy to work with.

One thing never gets old with photography, and that is the experimenting. On the surface it may appear that the basic functions of a camera are pretty simple, and for the most part they are. When you consider how many ways there are to use these functions however, it is possible to see how experimenting can virtually be unlimited.

Please check out some of my references (left), there is so much information out there.

Photography & The Internet

I started my photography hobby / career more than eleven years ago (2006 or so). The first thing I wanted to do was to put my photos on the web, because (duh) they were so good I felt everybody in the world needed to see them. Okay fine, they weren't that good, and not many people cared. What I did learn however, is that the free photoblogs like Jalbum, Flickr, Smugmug, etc, had almost complete control of how my images were displayed. I did not want my photos next to ads, I didn't want to be told where I could put them, or how large they should be. After a month or two of looking for that perfect online gallery and not finding it, I decided to teach my self HTML & CSS, (Don't get me wrong, i am not a control freak, I just demand complete control). After several years of absolutely butchering the internet I decided to go to college to learn how to butcher the internet properly.

What you are looking at is my site built from the ground up.

In college I also learned the value of "content management sytems", these are applications such as "WordPress", "Drupal", "Joomla", etc. I was reluctant at first, because I had just learned how to build web pages, when the school then said "we needed to learn WordPress".

Since, I have come around, I actually like WordPress now. You can actually dig into the guts of it and write your own code, or you can "drag & drop", and let WP do all the work.

I am using my photoblog as a landing page for my WP / CMS sites. This can also be accessed in the main menu under "My Sites".
The content will include photography tutorials, humorous stories and photos, as well as videos I find interesting.
For those fans looking for a CMS web-designer, I have a Wordpress portfolio included as well at My CMS Portfolio, here you will find working examples of design, photography, and content managagement.


  •    Free tutorials for subscribers
  • luminous-landscape   This is a fantastic photography site
  •    This subscription site focuses on photography, and web-design. Free with an Omaha, NE. library card
  • Gimp tutorials   For those who can't commit, this is a free download that is similar to PS